Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA) - A importância de uma associação profissional!


The origins, structure, and objectives of CADDRA will be described. Methods by which the objectives are realized will also be elaborated upon.


CADDRA is primarily a physicians’ organization with representation from throughout the country. Its objectives are to improve the lives of patients with ADHD throughout the lifespan, through research, education, practice guidelines, and advocacy. Details of undertakings in each of these domains will be described.


CADDRA is a well-recognized organization whose practice guidelines are taught in physician training programs and are used as a model in many other countries in Europe, Australia, the Middle and Far East. Close to 300 professionals attend their annual meeting, which has expanded to include a research and training day.


CADDRA is a very vibrant well-respected organization which continues to thrive and flourish and which improves the lives of patients with ADHD throughout the lifespan, via research, education, training, and advocacy.

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