Evolução a longo prazo da PHDA e factores que a influenciam


To describe the adolescent and adult outcome of patients with ADHD.


Long-term controlled prospective follow-up studies will be reviewed and adolescent and adult outcomes in academic, work, social and emotional spheres will be described.


More than 80% of patients continue to meet criteria for ADHD diagnosis in adolescents. Continuing academic, social and emotional problems are also common. In adulthood, 50-60% of patients continue to have symptoms of the syndrome, with continuing work, social and emotional problems. However, close to 30% of patients do fairly well in adulthood while 10% do very poorly. 


Long-term outcome of patients with ADHD is not uniform. About 30% have fairly normal outcome, 50-60% show significant continuation of the syndrome, with work, social, and emotional problems. Ten percent have fairly negative outcome with serious psychiatric and and/or antisocial problems.

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